​​A teacher's reach extends around the world and into the future. Though our work is local and our contributions may seem small, the effects of our teaching spread through our students to wherever they go. Our reach extends, as well, into unseen decades because our influence affects our students' future families and future work. Every act of kindness, moment of understanding, or gift of wisdom expands. When a teacher touches one life, that touch multiplies exponentially.

When we teach achievement, let's also teach integrity, so students grow up to play fair. When we stress competition, let's also teach compassion, so no one feels like a loser. When we expect obedience, lets also teach students how to follow their own lead, so responsibility and creativity thrive. Before we punish, let's ferret out root causes of behavior to help relieve suffering and turn around lives. Teachers spend a lot of time critiquing and judging. Let's spend more time celebrating the value of each person who enters our classrooms. 

 Teachers can guide students away from prejudice, foster personal growth, begin to change characters, help heal hearts, and  build in students a sense of responsibility for community. 

                    Have you ever wished you could change the world?                                             You do! You change the world everyday!



Have you ever wished you could change the world?